NAS Drive Project and large backup

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NAS Drive Project and large backup

Post by harryredcap » Tue Mar 17, 2020 12:21 am

I am a new to MAKEMKV. I have a very large collection of DVD'S, Blurays and 4k UHD discs. In my collection I have quite a few Criterion releases along with Steel Book.

I plan to backup my movies to NAS Drives in full with menus and feature discs.

I have just purchased a QNAP TVS-1282T3 and Dune HD Ultra 4K.

I could do with some advise or help with setting up the NAS to work with the Dune.

Ideally I would like to purchase a couple of UHD Friendly drives.

Any advice would be appreciated.....

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Re: NAS Drive Project and large backup

Post by Woodstock » Tue Mar 17, 2020 3:05 am

Interesting choice. My main question is what applications do they have available for you to add?

In the case of Synology (one of QNap's competitors and what I own), they have multiple applications that apply to various players, including SMB, DLNA, Plex, and even iSATA. Given the specifications, the QNap hardware should support all of those.
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Re: NAS Drive Project and large backup

Post by Grauhaar » Tue Mar 17, 2020 8:46 am

The DUNE Media Players can works with NFS or SMB shares. I use SMB (use Synology and Dune) because it works better with timesouts (Box is offline). To get SMB running you must add a userid on the NAS and give them at least READ access to the SHARE. In the Dune specify the share with HOSTNAME or IP and volume and share name (no idea what are the QNAP naming convention) and specify the added userid and password.
Good Luck :)
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Re: NAS Drive Project and large backup

Post by asmcom » Thu Mar 19, 2020 1:15 am

Yes this is an interesting choice but also very good.

Dune I am very familiar with and would say I have tried several of their model range. I currently have 2 x Dune 4k Ultra players.

I also have an Oppo but now prefer the Dune as it now supports 4k full menus and features.

So, I can use MakeMKV using complete folder backup. Then use Imgburn and make an ISO and copy to the NAS. The Dune can mount the ISO just like a conventional 4k Standalone player.

I would recommend only to setup via NFS shares and with your superb NAS Drive Model I would utilise the 4 x gigabyte ports on the NAS setup for 802.3ad in trunk mode. I use CAT6A wires in my setup and it is superb.

To answer Woodstock question their is loads of applications including plex media server, iTunes Media Server, Twonky and the list go on...

I believe your NAS model TVS-1282T3 will work very well with plex. The CPU on the NAS will decide the performance of your media server and you have Core i5 or i7 I believe with Hareware Accelerated coding, which is a very good feature.

I don't know what drives you are using but I would recommend WD NAS Red with a SSD Caching read drive.

I have 4 x QNAP and 2 x Synology NAS Drives, but none as good as the one you have purchased. I believe, when setup with the right drives and cabling it will be awesome. Health to enjoy.

I would be happy to help you set this up and configure your QNAP.

You have quite a few options with setup on your NAS which supports volume pools and add on expansion storage.

You will find lots of information on the MakeMKV website. Billy Carr as made some excellent videos which you should watch on flashing drives and also the UHD Guide which is very good.

You can buy your own drives and flash quite easy with Martymcnuts ASUS patched flasher which makes it very easy to enable the drives you buy to read 4k media.

I would recommend you to purchase a couple of drives for this project.

Probably the LG-WH16NS60 would be good as it is a very fast drive with UHD support and the Slim BU40N also a reliable drive.

PM me if you would like help setting up your NAS or I would gladly setup completely for you with directory structure and shares. I would probably require both your Dune and NAS to do this or I happy to give you the necessary information to do yourself.

Kind Regards

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Re: NAS Drive Project and large backup

Post by harryredcap » Thu Mar 19, 2020 11:27 am

Thanks you all, for your posts. MakeMKV has loads to offer. I am still reading through the UHD guide and other resources.

Answer to your question Woodstock. I believe that the Qnap and Synology NAS drives are similar and have the same on offer in relation to applications.

I selected this NAS drive as I got it, at a good second hand price and also the support for 4k. I use Adobe Premier Pro and this drive as good specs for using premiere and compatibility. I am looking forward to storing all my music and movies digitally and getting my project off the ground.

Thank you Asmcom for your helpful advise and also your recommendations. I also watched the video link in the UHD guide. All very helpful.

Thank You

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