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Playback the friendly way

Post by blrtl » Sun Jan 12, 2020 5:06 pm

I am currently setting up the necessary pre-requistes for my personal 4K UHD enjoyment.

So far, I have been using a rather old, but friendly, setup for my 2K Bluray-Discs on an old Pentium 4 mobile processor with a Radeon 5000 and PowerDVD 13 using BDMV! :-) :lol: 8) :mrgreen:

Since I have moved to a 4K OLED, it must be fed with the right content: HLG, HRD10+ ... but not streaming.

I want to setup a new HTPC , passively cooled, and again the friendly way, this time with MKV :-) :twisted:

Once I have MKV or ISO or BDMV from my friendly drive, what playback software do I need?
Would an AMD based system be okay? Would PowerDVD 18 work without Kaby Lake processor?

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